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And over the years, I have come to greatly appreciate the skill behind the performances.

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Not long after, a TV series called Happy Days hit the airwaves, and with it came the revival of "Rock Around the Clock," which was initially used as that show's theme song.

I couldn't care less about the show at the time -- I just wanted to watch the opening credits to hear the song!

I remember bugging my parents at the time to buy me the record.

So they bought me a copy of Golden Hits the classic 2-LP set that Decca/MCA put out with most of Haley's great '50s hits.

I still have that record -- I got the original members of the Comets to sign it for me when they performed in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in July 1998 and I will treasure it always.

What was it about Bill Haley that kept me interested in his music all these years?I enjoy his work -- and the work of his great band -- on several levels. You cannot get depressed listening to a good Bill Haley and the Comets song.by Alex Frazer-Harrison e-mail: click here Page launched: August 1998 Most recent update: February 1, 2015 - Who's Who on Page 2 Updated - *Graphic and text intensive pages.Please allow time for download.* This is an archive of articles previously published in the "Extra" column.Some date back more than 10 years and as such information and links contained within the stories may no longer be accurate, including availability information regarding CD and video releases. Go to Page One for the most recent news and information. 6, 1999): My interest in Bill Haley came about when, as a young child, I saw an episode of a Rock n' Roll Revival variety show on the CTV network in Canada called Shake, Rock and Roll.The show was hosted by Bobby Curtola, a popular Canadian star cut from the same cloth as Frankie Avalon.