Anne hathaway and jim sturgess dating

In 2010, Sturgess starred in the film, The Way Back, directed by Peter Weir.Sturgess co-starred in the German epic science fiction film Cloud Atlas, which began filming in September 2011 and was released in October 2012.Sturgess was born in Wandsworth, London, but grew up in Farnham, Surrey, where he attended Frensham Heights School.

We had a great collaboration and both cried when we had to say goodbye." Hathaway will be speaking with a British accent opposite Sturgess, who Scherfig says, "has an elegance and is laidback and confident." Focus Features is bringing Alex's Top 10 of 20151.

Beasts / No Nation Click Here for Thoughts Jeremy's Top 10 - 20151.

In 2008, he played the male lead role of Ben Campbell in 21.

In 2009, he played Gavin Kossef in the crime drama Crossing Over, appearing with Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd.

The band would also play gigs in and around his local area to any publican that would turn a blind eye to the fact that they were all under age.

Sturgess's first acting experience came when the local theatre group came to his school looking for kids to audition for the local play.Quickly realising that he would be able to miss school, he went along to the audition and landed one of the parts in the play. The romantic comedy plays with a gimmick where two people, who first meet at their graduation from the University of Edinburgh in 1988, proceed to reunite one day each year for the next 20 years. The always beautiful Anne Hathaway stars as Emma alongside of Jim Sturgess as Dexter. I love how unique these two look in this film, different than you'd expect, and ." But of course there are plenty of differences that make this film unique. As for the great cast, Scherfig says of Hathaway: "She has a vast range that is extraordinary, and I was very grateful that she wanted to do it.