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I just felt Jesus Christ was there during that event and my hairs stood on end. I cannot exactly recall the topic but it was about the belief of the Catholics about Christ dying on a Friday and then on Sunday was risen. That was what opened my mind as I came from the Catholic faith. That was my very first service though I was not yet indoctrinated. Then in my mother’s side, some of them are Born Again members. You see, after my graduation, I was taking the review for board exam. In that ’98 graduation of workers, I got the camera of my companion, Bro. From the stage, the sight was somewhat overwhelming, stupefying, amazing! But we really had to go, because anyway, when Friday came, we could go drinking again. Some who drink may look happy, but they’re drinking loneliness… I also joined the Protestant groups, the Born Again. Over at the Locale of Pacheco, I noticed there is no artificiality at all. When prayers come, you also feel like crying because the prayers are soulful. We were telling stories and I learned that he was also listening to Bro. We decided then to attend the mass indoctrination at the Locale of Pacheco. But I became a Church worker instead and stayed in Apalit. However, they could not do anything because it was my decision. I could feel how he loved the brethren as he said, “ How I wanted to bring these workers to the Planetarium.” He wanted to show the majesty, the greatness of the work of God. Eli loved the brethren as he spoke to those graduating and who would be helping in the propagation work.

I felt so ashamed when there was a discussion in Quiapo. I felt so ashamed but it gave me the opportunity to see how humble Bro. Imagine, I asked him twice to step aside and he followed me! Daniel both are humble, they who are instruments of God. When asked, this was my answer: “How is that, Kuya?

I have offers from Texas Instruments; I may also have a chance at Amkor/Anam, and other semi-conductor companies because I am a graduate of ECE. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” My answer was, “Okay, when do I start?

” His answer: “You know what it is about a double minded man?

Flags and flags of diverse nations were waving and waving. But even as early as my elementary grades I knew the Catholic faith was wrong, beginning with their images. It’s like saying, take drugs first before you engage in sports so that sports will taste sweet. When you enter the Locale, you can feel that you are entering a brotherhood. It was just one of my siblings who I learned was hurt. The Batch ’98 was composed of Sis Wens Lazaro, Bro.

It also happened that it was the 50th Anniversary of Bro. Since I did not fully know what was right, I would go with my relatives during my birthdays. I grew up with my grandparents, and as a child I followed them wherever they went; they would buy me food and toys – up until my elementary grades and then high school. I challenged the belief of the old folks that when you point to these idols, you denigrate them and as a result would get your finger crooked. They’re authentic; they’re true; they’re sincere – not plastic. Eli and observed the church workers and the brethren, I decided the organization was true. At first, I was afraid because, you see Tondo is very wide. Understandably, as if the burden was shifted to him. He’s a graduate of Physical Therapy who went to the US and worked there for a while. In the church, I did not feel much pressure because I knew I could stand on my own – unlike my supposed batch mate from Tondo whose parents were objecting so that he was not able to go through indoctrination.

I grew up in Tondo and we were many in our youth group who went to church. But I was not just pointing; I was pointing the middle finger at the Santo Niño just before my playmates. When I arrived, I knew I would belong to the youth group. Ace, Caloy, and the rest – I just knew I was one of them. I took courage to get baptized because I was playing basketball in the place of people I came to know, including Bro. I was only 20 going on 21 then – just the right age. But they wondered why I would grit my teeth at those idols even before them. In Tondo, there was a stair going up, and then there was a Santo Niño locked in a glass case. I was looking for him at Channel 13; unfortunately I could not find him. I decided to go home but I saw the Gym near Panday Pira. Then and there I was able to attend the Worship Service. It was not difficult to accept what he was preaching. I knew then where it was, but the problem was that I could not find it no matter what I did. I grew up in Tondo; I knew the place, but I could not find the Locale. I tried on a Thursday, yet I could not see the Church Locale. It so happened that King Cortez was my fellow youth but it was his brother, Bro. I saw King sitting on the street so I approached him. I asked him, “Brother, please step aside.” He followed me. During that time, there was no Administration in Central for Waste Management. Islaw Soriano was in Construction and he was a Church worker – with many responsibilities on his hands. I heard from him a number of times, and what I heard bolstered my belief that indeed, the Catholic faith is wrong. My first attempt to go to the Locale of Pacheco was to just attend the Worship Service. There’s something I cannot forget, and that’s why I opted to stay in Apalit. I became Church worker and was going with the KSP core, being one of the aspirants. As explained by him later on, he was gone from Channel 13 because other religions ganged up on him; they bought airtime by blocks at a much higher price. The brethren were showing me that the man I was ordering to step aside was Bro. He was then also taking pictures of the church workers. And at that time he was the OIC of Metro-Manila Division! So, the more, I felt this is the organization being led by God. Daniel wanted things to be done professionally and there would be offices for Waste Management, for the Clinic, for Engineering, and all those offices existing now. Eli for the Administration of the newly created Waste Management Office.