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” For it is there that we find a compelling reason for students to reserve sex for marriage. I handed him a pen and a 3x5 card and told him to watch one episode sitting beside his mom and to make a slash mark for every sexual reference. They were still flashing the opening credits and he already had five marks on his card. Q: How would you respond to those who say purity is an unrealistic demand of the Christian life?Fewer students today see the need to wait for marriage. When you fall on your face, get back up and keep moving (literally and figuratively). Journal so you can look back and see what God has done in your life. How can youth leaders influence them to reconsider and seek God’s plan for their relationships?

Q: What do you wish you had known while parenting your own teens through the dating years? Instead of an awkward 15-minute talk, we were going to begin an awkward 15-year conversation. By the time they’re actually interested in sex, they’ve forgotten all those fascinating insights their fathers shared. Q: In your opinion, what is the biblical answer to the age-old question “how far is too far? Every time you entertain yourself with nude and erotic images you are at school.

Every year or two requires some review and something new. In this particular academy you are learning three very harmful lessons: • One body isn’t enough • A real body isn’t enough • Your wife’s body won’t be enough Q: What are some practical, productive ways for parents to start discussing sex with their middle schoolers?

So I do my best to keep the conversation alive and current. Discussing what we see on TV can be a great springboard for age-appropriate conversations about what seems inappropriate or makes you uncomfortable and why.

Q: Teens often do anything possible to avoid talking about sex or dating with their parents. Even when people are doing things you don’t agree with, show 19. When our oldest was in ninth grade, everybody was watching “The Office.” Everybody.

What are some practical ways mentors and youth ministers can influence a teen to have healthy dating relationships? No freshman dared show their face at school if they weren’t conversant with the previous evening’s episode.

The message we have sent to the students in our churches is “wait.” That is translated by many of our students as just another big NO to go along with all the other NOs we have cast their way. There is nothing enticing, stimulating or motivating about “wait.” For many of our kids, “wait” sounds like the desperate cry of a generation looking to leverage its last bit of control. Like most everything on television, “The Office” was laced with sexual innuendo. We wrestled with the issue of age-appropriate entertainment.Besides, “wait” brings an immediate outcry of “Why? ” So why not shift the focus of our message to the “why” behind the “what? So I decided to use “The Office” to introduce and hopefully sensitize Andrew to the sexual subtleties of prime-time television.Andy Stanley, the founder of North Point Ministries, is perhaps most well known for carrying on his father’s legacy as a prolific preacher and author.His latest book, “The New Rules For Love, Sex and Dating,” boldly pushes past the Church’s typical playbook when confronting young people about their sex lives.He didn’t hold back when we asked him what youth ministers, youth workers and parents should know about teen dating and sexual purity.Q: What’s the best advice you received about teaching teens to abstain from sex until marriage?