Adult dating dangers

It also sets her up for greater disappointment when the night ends up being far from the dream she imagined.

But lurking just below the surface are some dangers. You’re tired, and your guard is down, and temptation is at an all-time high.

Prom Night is a chance for you and your friends to make special plans and go all out, spending a ton of money in hopes of having an awesome time.

It’s easier at these vulnerable times to do things you’ll regret later. Unrealistic Expectations Some think they own their date for prom night because they’ve spent a ton of money on clothes, food, limo, etc.

Along with this can come a certain expectation of receiving a certain amount of physical attention because of it. Also, some girls have expectations that the prom will be the most romantic, fairytale night ever which easily makes her more open to compromising her values.

Alcohol and Drugs Prom nights throughout history are filled with stories of people who drank too much, got in a car, and never made it home.

Others have died because they didn’t realize how much they were drinking, and ended up with alcohol poisoning.Your best bet is to avoid it all together on prom night.Also, you cannot take drugs or drink alcohol and drive, or even ride in a car driven by someone who has. Also, when you drink, you are setting yourself up to make a complete fool of yourself.Kayley wrote: Sex Chances are you are going to be around people who are drinking, and probably too much.These are the kind of people who are going to be more aggressive about doing things sexually that they normally wouldn’t do.Dawn said: Most of my friends lost their virginity at the prom…of them ended up with an STD.